Tandoori cuisine is one of the oldest methods of cooking in North India

Our meats and vegetables in our tandoori section are marinated for a minimum of 12 hours, skewed and placed over a hot clay-oven charcoal pit. This gives our tandoori dishes the distinctive barbecue taste you won’t get using conventional methods. All our meat is Halal except for our Duck.

Our curries are classic and carry depth of flavour which require no frills. We simply cook our dishes with love and passion using the same recipes for five decades and serve into a kharai bowl piping hot with fresh ginger and coriander. We place this on a traditional gold hot plate with tealight candles that keep your curries bubbling hot.

Our menu offers a wide variety for our vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan customers. Try our Bhindi Mushroom which is a delicious Okra curry that is both vegetarian and vegan.

MOMO (New)

Momo is a dish native to Nepal/Tibet and comprised of a spiced filling and sealed in a flour parcel. Momo’s are hand-made with little or no oil and the cooking method is steaming which makes them a very healthy staple dish.